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Nikki and I first heard Markus Reuter with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto in their band Stick Men at the Boulder Theater in the fall of 2011. I was impressed with the Zen quality of Markus’ performance on the touch guitar, and was intrigued by the compositions of Stick Men, a post King Crimson music. I “friended” Markus on Facebook after the concert, and we had some casual exchanges via Facebook. In the spring of 2012 Markus posted Todmorden 513 on Facebook and ask for assistance in orchestrating the largely electronic composition for symphony orchestra. I responded with my interest, and in July 2012 Nikki and I met Markus in Texas while on tour with Stick Men. We transferred Todmorden 513 midi files to my laptop, and then converted the midi files into a score with the Finale Music Notation program. Since the summer I have spent time orchestrating a first draft for Markus to look over. In January Markus, and hopefully Tobias Reber, a Swiss composer who assisted Markus in realizing TM 513, will visit Thomas and Nikki and the CCO will read through a couple movements that Markus, Tobias, and Thomas have orchestrated. We will then hopefully tweak what we have done for the performance April 18. We hope to record and produce a documentary of TM 513. Below are various links for all things Markus. We will post news here as we move forward.

1. Follow the Nymph aka Todmorden 513 – Movement III

2. Stickmen w/Markus Reuter: Stravinsky Firebird

3. At his most avante-garde with centrozoon:

4. Good interview with Markus:

5. Another good interview with Markus and Centrozoon:

6. Markus discusses compositional process including TM 513

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